Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Séances in Amsterdam and Utrecht

Two November screenings-cum-talks:

On November 15 the Filmmuseum (as we stubbornly call it) will present films by, and films selected by, Jeroen Eisinga. This is from the official announcement:

"E*cinema presenteert op 15 november in EYE Film Instituut Nederland een double bill met Jeroen Eisinga. In het eerste programma gaat Stedelijk Museum-curator Bart Rutten met filmmaker en beeldend kunstenaar Jeroen Eisinga in gesprek over zijn films en inspiratiebronnen. Daarbij zal zijn spraakmakende nieuwe film Springtime worden vertoond, waarin hij zich geheel laat bedekken door honingbijen, en een nieuwe conservering van zijn film Sehnsucht op 35mm. Na fragmenten van Eisinga’s inspiratiebronnen volgt zijn keuzefilm: Code inconnu van Michael Haneke."

Programma 1 in EYE, 15 november, 19.30:
Gesprek met Jeroen Eisinga o.l.v. Bart Rutten plus vertoning van enkele films van Eisinga zelf  (Springtime [2011], Het belangrijkste moment van mijn leven [1995], Sehnsucht [2002, nieuwe EYE-conservering], en fragmenten van Eisinga’s inspiratiebronnen, zoals Fritz Lang, Alan J. Pakula, Bas Jan Ader en Chris Burden. Gevolgd door:

Programma 2, 15 november 21:30 uur: keuzefilm van Jeroen Eisinga, Code Inconnu (Michael Haneke, 2000)

On November 19, BAK in Utrecht will present the session The Political Carnivalesque as part of the project Icarus Spacecraft. This session includes a screening of Glauber Rocha's film Entranced Earth, (1967) as well as a lecture by artist Wendelien van Oldenborgh.

"Van Oldenborgh draws on her interest in cinematic form, destabilizing established meanings, and re-reading colonial histories, to contextualize his work. The cinematic language of Rocha's films, as van Oldenborgh's lecture explores, pays homage to European filmmakers such as Pier Paolo Pasolini and Jean-Luc Godard, while remaining unique in its experimental rigor and perspective that gazes out from Brazil's formerly colonized terrain. Rocha communicates an array of forbidden themes including social inequality, political corruption, and the economic exploitation of Brazil by foreign powers. In particular, Entranced Earth employs the style of a chaotic political drama situated in the fictive Latin American country of Eldorado in the late 1960s to comment on burning political issues. Filmed during the US-backed Brazilian military dictatorship, Entranced Earth raises questions about ethical and political struggles as it follows a disillusioned poet and journalist who is caught between two positions: support a populist governor or stand behind a conservative president backed by revolutionary forces."

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